Arrow Shark 7616(2)R pro mod prop Reverse

Arrow Shark 7616(2)R pro mod prop Reverse

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Category: Arrow Shark

Sharpened, thinned, balanced 7616 2R blade prop


AS7616/2R Mod
(Right Spin Version)
Sharpened, Balanced, Polished

Stock prop:
Diameter: 76mm
Pitch: 122mm
Ratio: 1.6

After Mod:
Diameter: 75mm
Pitch: 128mm
Ratio: 1.7

Diameter reduced, back-cuts, 90 degree angle trailing edges, tongue removed from leading edges and The blades have been thinned and the leading edge re-shaped.

This is a great prop for stock or mod engines and helps hulls plane more easily; it is well suited for all type hull, especially a great prop for Mono Hull..

  • Manufactured by: Arrow Shark

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